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In the Republic of Belarus employment relations between the employer and the worker have a contractual nature and are formalised in the Labour Code of the Republic of Belarus. The Labour Code applies to all workers and employers who have made an employment contract on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

The employment contract is to be in writing. Persons who are over the age of sixteen are eligible to make an employment contract. The term of employment contract is to be determined by agreement between the parties.

Employment relationships may cease only on the grounds provided by the Labour Code of the Republic of Belarus.

In certain cases stipulated by the labour legislation, with dismissal of a worker on the employer’s initiative the dismissed worker is provided with severance pay. In most cases of dismissal on the employer’s initiative the amount of severance pay is equal to average earnings for two weeks. When dismissal results from downsizing, liquidation of the enterprise or cessation of the individual entrepreneur’s business the amount of severance pay provided to workers should be at least three times the average monthly wage.

Forms, systems and rates of salary are set by the employer on the basis of collective agreement and employment contract.

Full working time is not to exceed 40 hours per week.

A shorter working time is set for disabled persons, minors, and workers employed in jobs with harmful or dangerous conditions.

Pregnant women and minors should not be employed during the night (from 10 pm to 6 am). Persons with disabilities and women with children under the age of three can be employed at night only with their consent.

Regardless of the type of employment contract, form of payment or employer’s personality, workers are entitled to a paid leave of minimum twenty-four calendar days.

As a rule, a paid leave is granted annually, that is, every working year.

For a culpable failure to perform his job duties the worker may be subjected to disciplinary action (e.g. note, reprimand, dismissal).

As a rule, for a damage caused to the employer, workers assume full liability.

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