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For potential investors

We’d like to invite you to consider a new and promising area for your ​​investments – creation of comfortable small-sized private care homes for the elderly and disabled people. Demographic trends, as well as improving living standards and rising middle class of entrepreneurs and high-paid professionals in our country are the decisive factors for doing serious business in the sphere of social services, a guarantee of stable income. Upon request, experts from the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, and the committees on labour, employment and social protection of the regional executive committees and Minsk City Executive Committee are available for consultation.

Review of world best practices, including those of the CIS member-states, irrefutably demonstrates safety and payoff of investments in this sphere. All over the world, thankful families are willing to and do pay for guaranteed high-quality social services and good care for their parents and loved ones.

We invite businesslike, honest and responsible investors, and also everyone who feels sympathy for the people in need of heedfulness and professional care to consider the prospects of creating comfortable small-sized care homes for the elderly and disabled people.