Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Republic of Belarus

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Formulate policy priorities and objectives on labour protection, employment support, demographic security and social protection;
Contribute to the development of social programmes; oversee implememntation of such programmes;
organise and conduct the monitoring of activities on labour and employment, demographic security and social protection;
improving salary systems for public sector employees, civil servants, military servicemen, junior-level servicemen and officers of the police force, emergency response services, and financial investigations agencies;
Formulating the national programme on occupational safety, and drafting rules and regulations on occupational safety and labour protection;
Conducing workplace assessment, supervising the application of the list of positions, occupations, professions and workplace characteristics that constitute grounds for the payment of compensations related to employment in hazardous working conditions; verifying the quality of the workplace assessment processes;
Recommending improvements to the existing tripartite contract practices, identifing directions for such improvements, participating in the drafting of the General Tribartite Agreement between the government of Belarus, national employer associations and the trade unions.
Monitoring progress in the implementation of the National Demographic Security Programme;
Evaluating the status and utilisation of the human capital, monitoring and projecting trends in employment and the labour market;
Organising and coordinating the implementation of the state and regional programs on employment promotion;
Participating in the drafting of policies on vocational guidance, vocational education and continuing professional training of industrial workforce, contributing to the development of the legal framework for such training;
Contributing to the development of policies on families and child protection;
Participating in the development and implementation of policies on strengthening social protection for senior citizens, veterans, and war victims;
Developing proposals on streamlining the system of social benefits and guarantees;
Implementing governmental oversight and supervision of compliance with the laws and regulations on labour and employment